Those of you who know me will be aware that I have two major interests; free open source software and video games. Expect these topics to come up a lot here.

I have many computers. Most of these were obtained at no cost from people who had no desire to keep them, as they are considered to be past the used-by date. The name of this blog was thought up in part because of something a friend said to me once: “I hope you recycle all your hardware when you throw it out”. That had me thinking… I could not recall ever throwing a computer out! Thanks to free software, the hardware requirements imposed by Microsoft to run a modern operating system are not applicable. Hardware that would normally be disposed of simply because “it’s too old” can continue to serve a purpose.

As much as I love gaming – especially first person shooters – most games are not free software. Not only this, but many titles as of late have become riddled with “features” that try to do evil things on/to your computer – often without any hint of what they are really up to. By visiting this site, you can expect much ranting on this. You have been warned.

My GnuPG key is here. The fingerprint is 2626 8B66 72ED 7DD8 5ED8 56F3 F51B 7834 F92D 586B.