Winery is (or rather will be – it’s a work in progress) a utility to manage Wine installations, developed in Python and GTK3+ and released under the GNU GPL3+ license.

Winery differs from other utilities such as CrossOver and PlayOnLinux, as those focus on running applications using configurations other people have tested. Instead, this tool is aimed at the person using bleeding edge releases, git master, or even custom patch sets. As such, this is ideal for Wine testers and developers.

The reason for writing this tool was to allow testing of patches easier and quicker. I also wanted something that more transparently informed me of which patches were incorporated into which Wine builds (so as to reduce the need to rebuild so frequently), as well as an easy way to attempt to use patch sets with different Wine configurations.

One of the objectives of this project is to create my first practical GUI application using Python and GTK+3, and this will be developed entirely in my spare time. As such, it will likely take longer to develop than usual while I’m still getting my head around how everything should fit together.

For now, the project is hosted over at Gitorious here:

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