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What an awesome week for freedom

Wednesday, Richard Stallman gave a speech on Free Software in Ethics and in Practise at Melbourne University. Thursday, he gave a talk on Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks at RMIT. I had the pleasure of attending both, and asking Richard a few quick questions regarding Android phones, IaaS and the FreedomBox project.

Today, I just got back from the Melbourne Software Freedom Day event at the State Library. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of volunteers in orange t-shirts. Whilst many of the talks were focused specifically on open source as opposed to free software (such as the RedHat talk), all talks I elected to attend were very interesting and occasionally even exciting.

Well done to everyone who helped organise and run the event, and a special thanks to sponsors the Victorian Government, the State Library of Victoria, LUV and Linux Australia. Looking very forward to next year.